This is (not) my first blog post

This is (not) my first blog post

I'm Marwane, also known by moghwan with a lowercase m, a nickname inspired from a french coworker mistakenly called me by Morwane, tweaked it a bit and voilà!

The reason I’m writing this post is self explanatory even if it’s not (technically speaking) the first one. Also, to make pressure on myself to blog more, whether long posts or short ones

I’m just another software engineer who's going to post about everything related to coding and programming, primarily PHP and ES6.

I love tweaking operating systems A LOT! I’m aslo an Android lover but not an iOS hater. My taste in music mainly instrumental and looped tracks since they help focusing a bit.

I also love hiking, and a fan of the point-and-shoot photography.

Okay enough stuttering, socials are on top right. see ya soon!